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Protect Fog Cannon Security Systems

Protect Fog Cannon Security Systems

PROTECT Fog Cannon Security Systems

PROTECT fog cannons are the next generation security system that takes security beyond being a simple deterrence as is the current audible system.

Even though alarms, cameras , even security bars serve a purpose, business owners also know that career criminals, and even young thieves today, are no longer deterred by them.

A PROTECT fog cannon is the best solution to stop any un-authorised entry, or terminate any intended theft as thieves “Can’t Steal What They Can’t See”.

PROTECT Fog Cannon Brochure PROTECT Fog Cannon Brochure (5076 KB)

How a Fog Cannon Works

A PROTECT fog cannon omits a dense fog, and once activated, can fill an area within 12 seconds (fog can last up to an hour) making it impossible for the thieves to see what they came for, thus terminating the intended theft before it can start.

The fog is completely harmless to humans, leaves no residue once premises are aired within an hour, and has no effect on any stock from clothing, jewellery, IT or electrical equipment, sporting goods to food and supermarket goods.

The PROTECT Fog Cannon is linked to an existing alarm system, enabling the fog cannon to be monitored, notify your alarm company that the cannon has been activated, and other technical important features.

You now have a new security option that truly protects your investment and gives you peace of mind after closing time.

Fog Cannon Home Break-in Demo

Why do security personal, businesses and home owners use a Fog Cannon?

  1. A PROTECT Fog Cannon can fill a room with a dense security fog, so the intruder can’t see anything. Stop burglars and robbers in seconds - immediate protection of your valuables! 
  2. Fog security is the most effective method of preventing burglaries, robberies and vandalism!
  3. PROTECT fog security leaves no residue and the fog is completely harmless to humans, animals, clothing, furnishings, IT and electrical equipment
  4. PROTECT Fog Cannon are a modest investment with low operating costs, a rapid return on your investment, and even a 5 year warranty
  5. With more than 50,000 units installed PROTECT is the best-selling product and is world market leader in the fog security industry
  6. PROTECT has thousands of end user references - including some of the world’s largest companies
  7. Fog security will keep the intruders out for up to one hour - ample time for police or security to arrive
  8. Fog security creates peace of mind after closing time. In the event of an attempted intrusion your business is quickly back running
  9. Complete product range – covering small rooms to large warehouses. International, documented approvals including the fog produced by the cannon
  10. An elegant and flexible system: A PROTECT Fog Cannon can be installed visible or hidden – the choice is yours!

Why choose PROTECT fog security? Why choose PROTECT fog security? (2699 KB)


PROTECT is the global leader in fog cannon security and number one supplier of fog cannons, sold in over 60 countries worldwide.

In Australia / New Zealand they are installed in Prada, Christian Dior, Gaming Venues, IGA, BP, Caltex, Mobil ( Z Energy NZ ex Shell ), Liquor stores, Jewellery stores, Chemists, Golf Shops, and many other types of installations.

What makes PROTECT Fog Cannons the best choice?

  1. PROTECT Fog Cannons have superior technical functions, longer fog firing times, and more fog protection per machine of similar capacities.
  2. PROTECT Fog Cannons 5 Year Parts Warranty PROTECT Fog Cannons do not require the backup batteries to assist in firing the cannon if the 240V is on
  3. PROTECT due to the design has no need for a fan to keep the Fog Cannon cool as it has a low running temperature of only 34 degrees
  4. PROTECT Batteries can last more than 24 months ( but are changed at the 2nd years’ service visit.)
  5. PROTECT Fog Cannons all have a 3 hr Battery Back up
  6. PROTECT Fog Fluid has a 5 year life, before its replaced. (fluid container is completely replaced, no mess, no degrading of fluid) PROTECT has a constant fog production during 60 seconds (Please refer the 1100i specifications in the “Dimensioning & Service Guide”)
  7. PROTECT Fog Cannons are design to be repaired on site the same day . All parts having a plug and play function if a fault occurs
  8. PROTECT Fog Cannons use a unique pulsing system to produce additional fog after a break in e.g. depending on the dip settings the
  9. PROTECT 1100i will fire for 60sec then go into pulse mode (meaning topping up the fog) over 10mins and it can do that sequence 4 times.
  10. PROTECT has 3 out puts: Firing, Low fluid and Fault – therefore making you aware if the fluid requires replacing or there is a fault
  11. PROTECT Fog Cannons can be installed at any angle on the ceiling or on the walls due to their unique design and NO additional brackets are require.

Why we choose PROTECT Fog Cannon Why we choose PROTECT Fog Cannon (2660 KB)

For more information on the Protect Fog Cannon Security System please contact us on 0417 384 747.

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