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Enhance Existing Burglar Alarms with an iAlarm Upgrade

iAlarm can be used as an 'upgrade' to your exisiting security system to help video-verify intruders and receive priority police response to any incidents. It can be programmed into your exisitng keypad so that you can arm and disarm the iAlarm MotionViewers easily, at the same time as you would arm your current system, so you don't have the additional cost of changing keypads, remote fobs and security accessories. In essence, the iAlarm piggybacks your current alarm system and gives you the added protection and greater security that comes with video.

The iAlarm has two modes when used as an upgrade - as fully-armed or stay-at-home. When in the stay-at-home mode, the MotionViewers only arm and detect the perimeter of the property, sending video footage of an intruder if this areas has been breached. The MotionViewers are then able to send video clips to law enforcement with details about the breach and the location of the incident.

iAlarm can be used to upgrade all major security alarm brands and is more cost-effective than getting a brand new system installed from scratch. Being wireless it is also fast to install and will give that extra level of security that you have been looking for.

  • Upgrade and enhance existing systems with video footage of incidents
  • Expand your security perimeter easily with wireless sensors to garages, rooftops or storage rooms
  • Keep existing codes, keypads and arming protocols to reduce disruption to employees or your family

iAlarm upgrade

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