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When it comes to security cameras, many home and business owners choose wireless security cameras to take advantage of their many benefits. However, wireless security cameras may also have some disadvantages that can leave you feeling vulnerable. With so many different brands and types of security cameras now on the market it can be difficult to know which ones will be reliable and suit your specific needs.

The installation of security cameras in your home or business can be a great deterrent for thieves and at the very least help identify suspects if an incident occurs. Many security camera systems can alert you to an incident occurring so the chance of authorities being onsite faster and catching thieves in the act can be much higher than a standard alarm system. A major benefit of catching criminals on camera is that the footage can be used as evidence, helping to reduce these types of incidents by would-be thieves.

The latest crime rates report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics released in February 2021 said an estimated 10.4% of households (1,017,200) experienced one or more household crimes in the 2019-20 reference period, including:

2.4% (238,100) that experienced break-in
1.9% (185,800) that experienced attempted break-in
0.6% (62,800) that experienced motor vehicle theft
2.7% (260,100) that experienced theft from a motor vehicle
4.6% (448,800) that experienced malicious property damage
2.4% (229,900) that experienced other theft

According to the National Retail Association, Retail Crime such as shoplifting, robbery and vandalism costs Australian businesses around $9 billion a year. It is estimated that less than 20% of retail crime is reported to the authorities so the true impact on consumers could be much higher. Retail Crime affects all of us because every incident erodes profits for businesses which means higher costs for consumers.

Determining whether to choose wired or wireless security cameras for your property may often be a decision best left to a security expert as there are pros and cons of both types. All of our security camera installations come with over 20 years of experience in the industry, configuring the best systems to suit individual requirements and budgets.

Advantages of wireless security cameras

  • There are no cables that can be cut rendering the camera inoperable.
  • Wireless camera installation may be cheaper and easier as cables are not required to be routed to different camera locations.
  • Wireless cameras offer more flexibility in the location of camera placement as they can be installed almost anywhere and be moved to different locations.
  • They don’t need to be plugged-in to an outlet for power which means they will keep working even during electricity outages and they can be more easily hidden for better surveillance.
  • Most wireless camera systems can save data directly to the cloud, which helps keep the recordings completely secure, allowing access to the footage at any time via a smart device.

Disadvantages of wireless security cameras

  • Operating on battery power, wireless security cameras can become ineffective if the batteries become weak or are not replaced regularly.
  • This could render the cameras inoperable and leave your home or business vulnerable until the batteries are replaced.
  • Low battery power may also cause some security cameras to exhibit erratic behaviour and cause false alarms or fail to record at all.
  • Some wireless security systems operate within a narrow band of security codes, so criminals with a similar model of security system may be able to disarm your security system with a remote control.
  • Many of the cheaper brand wireless cameras can be very unreliable and don’t last long.
  • Wireless security cameras with weak inbuilt security may be hijacked and used to monitor your movements.

If you would like more information about Wireless Security Cameras or Wired Security Cameras or would like a professional opinion on the best options for your property, please contact Geelong Digital Security on 0417 384 787.

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