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Upgrade to iAlarm for the Holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching the anticipation and excitement of going away can quickly turn to anxiety, knowing that your home will be unattended while your away. The thought of someone breaking into your home and rifling through your personal possessions is enough to make anyone feel uneasy, especially if your home isn’t protected with a security alarm system.

You may already have a traditional home alarm system that sounds a siren when activated, or maybe your alarm system calls your mobile phone sounding the siren when you answer. You might even have back-to-base monitoring for your alarm system which is a better alternative, but response times really depends on where you live.

Back-to-base alarm monitoring via our Australian Standards Victorian Police approved 24hour monitoring station is a worthwhile addition to any alarm system but if you want more control and even better response times we can upgrade you to an iAlarm.

iAlarm is a revolutionary security system that provides CCTV surveillance of your property. When an alarm notification is made, it records a short clip of video that is sent to a central monitoring station to then be reviewed, allowing for quick dispatch of the police.

When the iAlarm is configured to use mains power you have the option to use a convenient smart-phone App to monitor and control your security system remotely from your phone.

The iAlarm surveillance system is the perfect upgrade to any traditional alarm fitted to the family home, apartment, commercial property or even an industrial site, especially where response times are expected to be slow or non-existent.

Upgrading to iAlarm is now more affordable than ever and there are many benefits for property owners:

  • - As iAlarm is wireless, sensors can be installed into almost any location.
  • - A burglary can be verified by video in real-time, notifying police faster.
  • - Faster Police response times ensures less time that thieves are able to inflict injury, steal items or damage your property.
  • - Insurance claims are reduced when response times are faster - less time, less damage.
  • - As iAlarms are wireless, they are more reliable as they cannot be easily disabled by cutting wires.
  • - Even if the MotionViewer is removed from the system, the iAlarm will continue to transmit video to the police.

Statistics suggest that a property with a security alarm system is less likely to be burgled than a one without an alarm system and if you have a monitored alarm system, you should be entitled to a discount on your contents insurance.

If you would like to look forward to the holiday season without the worries of home security issues, contact us on 0417 384 787 for more information or get a free quote on the latest iAlarm video camera surveillance systems and upgrades.

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