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Ultra High Definition 4k EX- SDI CCTV Security Cameras

Our range of UHD 4k EX-SDI CCTV Security Cameras are now available with any new Security System installation. These new cameras have an amazing picture quality during the day or night using the latest infrared technology and anti-reflective dome shields.

The EX-SDI Dome Style Security Cameras offer a new standard in infrared picture quality. When the infrared is activated the light reflected doesn’t completely exit the glass dome, instead reflects back to the lens so that the infrared is separated to stop glare.

EX-SDI Cameras (Extended Serial Digital Interface) utilise the latest digital codec technology which crushes image file sizes without losing any visual quality. This allows video signals to be sent faster across longer distances without the use of repeaters and ensures the images stay high resolution and crystal clear.

We also have a range EX-SDI CCTV DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders) that record whatever the cameras see so you can review any incident that may have occurred days prior. Our DVR’s are also network friendly with duel encoding for fast transmission across the internet (if required) and some features such as zoom in and out are available.

These digital EX-SDI Cameras can be used to replace older analogue cameras without the need for re-cabling and they can be connected to an existing security system via the original coax cables without the loss of video picture quality.

If you would like to upgrade your existing Security System with the latest in UHD EX-SDI CCTV Security Cameras or would like more information on Security System Installations for your home or business contact us on 0417 384 787.

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