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Types of Security Cameras

Geelong Security Systems have a range of the latest Security Cameras available that are used for different purposes and it can be a little daunting when you are trying to choose the right camera for the right job. So to make it easier we have provided a definition for each of the main types of security cameras to help you pinpoint exactly what camera you will need to secure your premises.

High Definition Security Cameras

High Definition security cameras and Ultra High Definition cameras are fairly recent additions to the security surveillance equipment arsenal. These cameras offer much better resolution and video quality compared to the older analogue technology and this can make all the difference when trying to recognise an intruder or determine details in video footage.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras are built to withstand harsh weather conditions with weather proof casings, a wide range of temperature operation, day and night functionality, tamper alarms and they also come in High Definition versions.

Infrared Security Cameras 

Infrared Security Cameras can be used for both business and residential properties. Infrared is used for low light or no light conditions, indoor or outdoor locations and will illuminate an area with infrared to see in the dark delivering a clear video image.

Box Security Cameras 

Box Security Cameras generally provide high quality video resolution and have the option of different lenses for different viewing angles or zoom requirements. These cameras can be switched from colour to black and white for low light conditions.

Dome Security Cameras

Dome Security Cameras come in a range of styles for use both indoor or outdoor, they can be vandal proof or controllable with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities. They can also have dark tinted covers to make it difficult to see where the lens is pointing adding an extra level of security.

Pan, Tilt & Zoom Security Cameras 

Pan, Tilt & Zoom security cameras can be controlled by an operator via a joy stick, through a DVR or remote viewing software. They can move left or right and zoom in to capture details like a face or license plate that may be far away and some can even rotate 360 degrees.

Spy Security Cameras 

Spy security cameras are mainly used indoors and are small enough to be hidden in a smoke detector, motion sensor, clocks, or even an exit sign. They offer a high degree of surveillance but they don’t have infrared capabilities so have limited performance in low light conditions.

Wireless Security Cameras 

Wireless Security Cameras may still need to be powered via a cable so this can be a bit misleading and in this case, it’s the video signal that’s wireless. The video signal transmitted by a wireless camera can also be susceptible to possible interference but they are a great alternative for locations that are harder to access. Wired Security Cameras come in a much larger range of cameras and will often supply a much better video quality.

If you would like more information on the different types of Security Cameras or CCTV Surveillance Systems for your home or business, contact us on 0417 384 787. We have the latest Ultra High Definition 4K EX-SDI CCTV Cameras in stock and available now.

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