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The Benefits of House Cameras

More and more people throughout Geelong and neighbouring suburbs are seeing the benefits of having house cameras installed in their homes for the extra security and peace of mind they provide.

It takes a fairly brazen thief to break into a home that has visible house cameras installed and even if they do escape before being caught, you have a record of the incident for authorities to review. Any incident captured on a house camera can help provide vital information to catch a thief. When thieves eventually do get caught they are often linked to other crimes because they wear the same clothing, use the same techniques to break-in, or are in the same vicinity as other crimes that have taken place.

Security Systems with back-to-base monitoring can often help catch criminals red-handed. Our back-to-base and self-monitored security systems can notify you or the authorities when a perpetrator steps foot onto a property making an arrest more likely. The time between when an intruder first enters, is inside the property looking around, takes your possessions and then attempts to leave, is often enough time for authorities to be onsite and catch them. This also ensures much greater chance of reducing property damage and having your stolen items returned.

Even if there is some damage caused from a break in (which may be covered by insurance), at least criminals may not get away with any of your belongings. You also have a complete video recording of the incident for the police to prosecute the criminals and for insurance purposes.

Another benefit of having house cameras incorporated into your home security system is that they can often reduce the cost of your home insurance. Some Insurance companies will offer reduced premiums to home owners that have house cameras installed, especially if they are back-to-base monitored or self-monitored, making your security system a lot more affordable.

We have a broad range of house cameras for every situation and can recommend the best security system for your property requirements and your budget. Whether it’s a hard wired or wireless system with high-definition security cameras or a standard home alarm system that you require, we can review your premises and give you a free no-obligation quote.

For more information on our security systems and house cameras contact us or give us a call on 0417 384 787.

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