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Security Tips for Homes & Businesses Geelong

Consider the following security tips for your home or business so you get the very best and most comprehensive security solution for your property -

1. Use a trusted, fully insured and licensed local Security Company that has worked in the area for years as it can be a great advantage when it comes to local knowledge and cost-effective installation.

2. We recommend only using a Security Company that offers high quality security products with a minimum three-year warranty and full guarantee on all their workmanship.

3. Consider adding security cameras as these can be monitored remotely which can help with response times and records any incident for further analysis. Some cameras even have built-in infrared technology so you can see in the dark for any night-time intrusions.

4. Make sure you have smoke detectors installed and integrated into your security system because these never need the batteries changed and can give the fire department a huge head start especially if your security system is monitored.

5. Have your security system monitored or monitor it yourself because this can help with response times by the authorities and often reduces your home and contents insurance costs significantly.

6. Include a door or gate sensor to sound the alarm for your pool area or areas that may be hazardous for young children like the garage, cellar or attic.

7. Have good quality security doors & screens installed and keep them locked even while you are home.

8. Use quality deadbolt locks on your doors and windows and you can get these keyed so you only have one or two sets of keys to fit them all.

9. Install sensor lights in strategic locations around your home or business that come on at night whenever someone approaches. LED sensor lights are great for this because they are bright and energy efficient.

10. Set up a couple of power plug timers so that you can have them switch some lights on or off at night if you are not home. This makes it look like someone is at home and you can get these from any hardware store or even your local shopping centre.

11. If your away, ask a friend to collect your mail from the letterbox regularly and put the bins in and out on bin days, and even ask them to park in your driveway from time to time. Even leave some old clothes on the clothes line.

If you would like a quote for a new Alarm System or you’re thinking of upgrading your current Security System to include Security Cameras at your home or business, please contact Geelong Security Systems for the best security equipment at great prices on 0417 384787.

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