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Security System And Alarm Monitoring

Having a security system installed helps to protect your family and your valuables whether you’re home or away. Without security system monitoring someone has to manually report an intrusion or a fire.

All of our home and business security systems have the option of being monitored and you can choose to monitor your security system yourself or use a back-to-base monitoring company.

The benefits of back-to-base monitoring is that your security systems is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and these companies are experts when it comes to dealing with all types of security situations.

Homes and businesses with security systems are less likely to be broken into and by adding monitoring you can increase your security with some additional benefits:

  • • Extra piece of mind knowing that your home or business is being monitored while you’re away and that the authorities will be notified if there is a security breach.

  • • A security system is a great deterrent and a burglar is less likely to target your home or business especially if it’s being back-to-base monitored 24/7.

  • • With smoke detectors and fire alarms being monitored too the fire brigade will be notified upon the first signs of a fire, significantly cutting down the response time.

  • • Monitored security systems have the ability to automatically notify specific emergency services via the keypad, reducing response time in emergency situations.

  • • In the event of a burglary, video monitoring can provide authorities with evidence to catch perpetrators.

  • • Medical help can be sent with a push of a button on your keypad, which immediately notifies of a medical emergency and this can also be programmed into a medical pendant or key fob.

  • • Discounted home and business insurance is another great benefit and most insurance companies provide substantial discounts if your security system is back-to-base monitored.

If you would like more information about security system monitoring for your home or business please contact us and we can suggest the most cost-effective option for your specific requirements. Or give us a call on 0417 384 787.

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