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Talking with customers in the Geelong area it’s apparent that some residents are getting more involved in the Geelong Neighbourhood Watch group, not only keep their own properties safer but to help look out for their friends, families and the greater community. The general consensus is that they are very proactive and doing a really great job, interacting with members on a range of local issues and sharing their experiences.

The Geelong Neighbourhood Watch group are also working with the Victorian Police, Crime Stoppers and the Department of Justice and Regulation to develop initiatives and host public forums on a number of security issues. Local Geelong Business owners are also encouraged to join the growing network of community members and share their concerns with law enforcement officers to help develop better security measures within their neighbourhoods.

We really feel that’s it’s a great initiative bringing local business and residents together and strengthening the relationship between the community and the Victorian Police. Good communication between these groups will ensure a safer Geelong for everyone.

So, play your part and join the next Geelong Neighbourhood Watch meeting to have your say on crime prevention and help build a safer community. For more information and to check the upcoming Neighbourhood Watch meetings, visit their Facebook page at

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