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National Police Alarm Activation Response Guidelines

Recently the National Emergency Communications Working Group - Australia and New Zealand in consultation with the Australian Security Industry Association Limited developed a National Police Alarm Activation Response set of Guidelines to align police classification, requirements and response to alarms and alarm activations.

Effective 1st July 2019 the National Police Alarm Activation Guidelines have been introduced and must now be adhered to by all Security Monitoring Centres in Australia. These new guidelines introduce a nationally consistent response to alarm activations for all policing jurisdictions and the efficient use of Police resources in partnership with Accredited Security Monitoring Centres throughout Australia.

Now as a generalised rule, Police will not attend an alarm activation unless a genuine incident has been confirmed. The guidelines include the framework as to when Security Monitoring Centres can dispatch Police for received alarm events and the new guidelines break alarm activations into 4 main categories:

1. Hold Up Alarms - Police will attend providing:

• Commercial premises •Dual Press device

• Permanently affixed to a solid surface

• Operated by person/s who is, or about to be, or has been, confronted by a weapon or threat of violence for the purpose of robbery

2. Duress Alarms - Fixed - Police will attend providing:

• Attempt has been made to contact customer

• Monitoring Centre have precise location of the alarm action point (Device location)

• Permanently affixed to a solid surface

• Note: All other Duress types including RF portable, keypad or code etc will not receive Police attendance unless a genuine incident has been confirmed

3. Intruder Alarms - Multiple - Police will attend providing:

• A key-holder attends within 30-minutes (Police will not attend if keyholder/AH is not attending)

4. High Risk - Police will still attend High Risk Premises e.g. Firearms dealers, Armoured vehicles, Politicians/judges etc, premise where dangerous goods are stored and critical infrastructure.  

• A key-holder must attend

• Note: Police will continue to attend any activation whereby a genuine event or crime in progress is identified/confirmed.

For more information on the National Police Alarm Activation Response Guidelines please send us an email with your enquiry or contact us on 0417 384 787. Check out our video verification alarm systems (iAlarm).

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