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How To Prevent Copper Theft

Copper theft is an expensive exercise, yet PREVENTION is so cheap!!
If you're reading this - you know that preventing copper theft on a building or construction site presents a few major challenges:

  1. No power connection
  2. Easily accessible building sites
  3. Limited or no lighting

Most security companies will tell you do things like: Install perimeter fences. This is obviously a great idea, BUT - it doesn't stop people from climbing the fences, or even using the cutting equipment they've probably got with them.

After all - they're probably planning on cutting some copper!

You've more than likely got no power supply to the location - meaning that installing security alarms etc is virtually impossible. And as a result of the limited power supply, you've got no lighting.

So here is how to catch people in the act.

It's really simple. 

There is only ONE way to do it and that's by using video-verified alarm systems by Videofied.

They are purposely designed to not only alert you when an intruder is on site, but also record video of them doing it. The primary benefit of this is so that you KNOW that there is someone there on your site. 

You KNOW that it's just a cat walking past the sensor. 

When you can identify an individual on site, your premises gets a priority police response - something that no other cctv camera can do (unless you're literally monitoring it 24/7).

So that's how to prevent copper theft. Catch people in the act, and prosecute them as they should be.

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