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Home Security Tips for the Holidays

The last thing you need to be worried about while on a holiday is home security and with the holiday season fast approaching we have some home security tips to ensure your property is as secure as possible.

Having a good home security system is one of the best ways to give you piece of mind while your away, especially when you have back to base monitoring. Back to base monitoring ensures you are notified as soon as your alarm system is activated and have the police or a security guard visit your home and secure the perimeter. Back to base monitoring can be setup for short time periods, like while your away, or it can be monitored 24/7 which will often give you a substantial discount on your home and contents insurance, so it is worth checking with your insurance provider.

With iAlarm you can monitor your alarm system yourself via a smart phone, tablet or laptop. This can be beneficial so you can alert police if a crime is taking place which will improve the response time and have your property secured faster. The iAlarm can be used to upgrade your current security system to full video verification surveillance or can simply be a stand-alone system. It can also be programmed into your existing keypad so that you can arm and disarm the iAlarm Motion Viewers at the same time as your current system, and that way you don't have the additional cost of changing keypads, remote fobs and security accessories.

There are a number of other things you can do around the home that will also help deter criminals, including:

Home security checklist

  1. Lock up when you leave using dead locks on doors and windows.
  2. Lock your garage doors, side gates and garden sheds and put any tools away.
  3. Have friends collect your mail, put the bins out and park in your driveway.
  4. Set up timers to switch lights and radios on and install exterior sensor lights.
  5. Turn down your phone ringer and don’t leave a message that tells callers you are away.
  6. Don’t post information and pictures of your holiday on social media until your home.
  7. Make your home seem occupied by leaving some old clothes on the washing line.
  8. Put away anything valuable that may be visible from outside.
  9. Check your home and contents insurance is up to date.
  10. Test and activate your home alarm system before you leave.
  11. Don’t leave keys hidden outside your home.

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