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When it comes to Home Security Systems in Geelong and the surrounding suburbs, we find more often than not that we are installing new alarm systems after an incident or break-in has occurred. We often hear customers say “we should have had it done years ago” and once a new alarm system is installed customers say they feel more secure and sleep better at night knowing that their family and valuables are better protected.

Some of the most popular features of our modern security systems include the duress button on the keypad and key fob which can be programed to sound the alarm or alert authorities if you are at home and are concerned for your safety.

We can also incorporate Security Cameras and recording devices that can be monitored via your mobile phone, tablet or computer which can also help with intruder identification and is often a contributing factor when it comes to response times and catching an intruder red-handed.

All our Security Systems can be set up to be monitored 24/7 by a 3rd party security monitoring company too, which is a very popular feature and this can often reduce the cost of your home and contents insurance significantly. Another great aspect of our home security systems is their reliability and flexibility as they are completely upgradeable and they are built to an extremely high standard with excellent warranties.

We’ve been installing Home and Business Security Systems in and around Geelong for almost 20 years. We take pride in our workmanship and customer service and we love to help families and businesses feel more secure.

Don’t wait until after an incident has occurred to secure your property, our high-quality Security Systems are more cost-effective than you may think. For more information on any of security systems give us a call on 0417 384 787 or shoot us an email with your security requirements so we can provide you with an obligation-free quote.

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