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Home Security for the Holiday Season 2021

With the holiday season fast approaching and our boarders opening back up, the opportunity to get away for some R&R could be just what the doctor ordered. Covid 19 lockdowns have played havoc with travel both locally and overseas, not to mention our mental health, so getting out of the house for a holiday or to visit friends this summer sounds super appealing for most of us.

But, before you take flight, remember to ensure your home is totally secure while your away, so you don’t come home to the nightmare scenario of a property break-in. Our home security check list below is designed to assist in keeping your home secure while you’re away, with tips and tricks so you can rest a little easier and have a great, relaxing holiday.

  • If you have an alarm system, test it before you leave to ensure it is working correctly.
  • Ensure all security cameras are working and have new batteries fitted if needed.
  • Test outdoor sensor lights and replace bulbs to make sure they are working.
  • Organise back-to-base alarm monitoring for while you’re away.
  • Deadlock all windows and doors and check the garage and gates are locked.
  • Empty the mailbox, cancel subscriptions and any deliveries that may come while your away.
  • Ask a friend or trusted neighbour to check the property, put the bins out and collect the mail.
  • Let your neighbour park in your driveway so it looks like someone may be home.
  • Program lights to come on at different times during the night with power plug timers.
  • Turn down the phone ringer and don’t leave a message that lets a caller know your away.
  • Don’t post travel plans or pictures about your holiday on social media until you arrive home.
  • Remove any keys hidden outside and confirm home and contents insurance is up to date.
  • Leave some old clothes on the line and shoes by the door and put anything of value away from direct view of windows.

If you live in or around Geelong or Melbourne and would like a free quote for an Alarm System or Security Camera Installation for your home or business before you travel, contact us or call us on 0417 384 787.

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