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Geelong's Christmas Crime Rise

You're out having a few drinks…
You leave your phone in the centre of the car.
It's an absolute target for theft.
Sure, you can easily replace a phone - or hey, even track them down in real time to find out exactly where they are...
But what about your home?

A lot of people don't realise, but when you've got a christmas tree with flashing lights all over it sitting in your front window, the night before christmas, you're advertising to thieves. EVERY thief thinks - there will be SOMETHING under that tree that I can STEAL and SELL.

And, with a few quick casings of your property, they're in, and taking the lot. Kids toys and all. 

Every year I hear of people coming home from "carols by candlelight" only to see that they've been cleaned out.

We're a security company. This sort of stuff we KNOW can be prevented, and we KNOW that we can stop it for you, because that's all we do!!

In the above example, all you need is a simple cctv camera set up, get instant mobile phone notification of a burglary, that's catching every move, and police will be on their way in a few minutes. The apprehension rate is as high as you can get with our systems.

So - protect yourself this christmas.

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