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Geelong Security Systems Top Ten Home Security Tips

We know security is vital and with over 15 years of experience in keeping homes and businesses safe and secure around Geelong, we have compiled a list of the top ten home security tips to help limit theft and burglary to your property.

  1. Always use a licensed security professional to install or service your home security system.
  2. Have your security alarm system monitored by a back-to-base monitoring centre that is certified in accordance with Australian Standards.
  3. Incorporate HD CCTV surveillance cameras into your back to base monitored security system. 
  4. Ensure you always lockup when you go out and secure all doors and windows with well secured locks made to Australian Standards. 
  5. Keep your front door securely locked when you are in the backyard and use secondary blocking devices on all your sliding doors. 
  6. Be careful when posting personal information on social media saying your away on holidays. 
  7. While your away leave a light on, have your mail collected and make your home look lived-in, even ask your neighbour to park in your driveway. 
  8. Do not leave house keys hidden outside. Instead leave them with a trusted friend or relative. 
  9. Don’t leave garden tools out, make sure they are locked away as these are often used to break in with.
  10. Use motion sensor lighting around your home to deter criminals and alert neighbours that someone’s on your property.

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