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Geelong Home Burglaries on the Rise

The Geelong Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page recently featured an article from the Geelong Advertiser 16th of Feb 2019 edition. It explained how the Greater Geelong region had been experiencing an increase in “creep-in burglaries” possibly due to the warmer weather, with offenders taking advantage of open doors and windows to sneak into homes and steal wallets and car keys while the occupants were asleep.

The thought of someone in your home going through your belongings while you are asleep is frightening and for families with young children it’s totally unacceptable. Unfortunately, we need to be a more vigilant about home security and talk to our families about the importance of locking doors and windows because a few smart habits could be the difference between being burgled or not.

We recommend initiatives like:

  • Join your local Neighbourhood Watch group to stay up to date with local issues.
  • Use a security system to alarm and monitor zones in your home like doors and windows even when you are at home. 
  • Teach family members how to use your security system, especially how to activate the duress alarm. 
  • Keep security doors and security windows screens locked at all times.
  • Have security cameras installed and connected so you can monitor anyone from inside your home. 
  • Add infrared security cameras for coverage of your external property surrounds and street view at night. 
  • Take note of people in your area and what they are up to and what vehicles they drive. 
  • Take a photo of people that seem suspicious and report them to local authorities.
  • Add video and alarm monitoring stickers to windows and doors.
  • Upgrade to Alarm System monitoring for faster response times and home insurance discounts.

Other things to watch out for around your home or business can be things like:

  • Broken windows as burglar’s will often smash a window and return later to see if it has been attended to.
  • A missing rubbish bin could be a cause for concern as it may contain valuable information for a burglar like when you might be away on holidays or even recent expensive purchases.
  • Broken, missing or unscrewed sensor lights could also be a sign of someone planning to burgle a premise.
  • A missing dog could also be intentional as many dogs are let out prior to a property being burgled. 
  • Social media is another method crooks use to gain information about your home or business like where valuables may be kept or whether you are away on holiday.

If your considering whether your home or business security is up scratch, please contact us for some free advice on our high quality security systems to keep you safe on 0417 384 787.

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