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Geelong Crime Statistics

It’s been a very busy year for Geelong Security Systems with recent statistics showing the crime rate in Geelong has risen almost 40% in the last year. With burglaries and robberies being high on the list of offences, our latest home and business security systems have been extremely popular.

Even with the assurance of more police in the Geelong area some residents are starting their own neighbourhood watch groups and taking matters into their own hands. There have even been reports of criminals posing as tradesmen and door-knockers causing residents to continually be on high alert for any suspicious people in the area.

With criminals much more likely to target homes and businesses with outdated or no security systems, having one installed and upgraded regularly can really put your mind at ease. A good security system is a wise investment; it adds value to a property, reduces insurance costs and will ultimately pay for itself by reducing the ability for you home or business to be targeted by criminals.

Our expert security technicians are fully licensed and highly qualified, and can recommend the most affordable and best security system to suit your needs. With our latest security systems we can offer a huge range of options like 24/7 back-to-base monitoring or self-monitoring systems with high definition cameras that see in the dark and can even be accessed via your smart phone.

Improve security for your home or business by contacting the experts at Geelong Security Systems on 0417 384 787 for the best price and service on the latest security systems on the market.

geelong crime statistics

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