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The Geelong Advertiser often has easy news stories to publish, just like the one in the image below.
It's INSANE how many Geelong businesses just don't have good security systems installed. And it's incredibly easy to do this now. 

Headlines like the one published by the advertiser make us a tad annoyed as people's livelihoods are affected by thieves who just don't care about the consequences of their actions. 

The thief is often after some quick cash, or a few products they can sell somewhere to get some quick cash. 

The problem is, until recently, even if you had installed cctv security cameras - the footage quality was so poor, that you're virtually wasting your time. 

These days though, your can protect your business so much better with full HD CCTV cameras that are quite simply amazing in both highly lit, and low lit (even pitch black) situations - and you can SEE the difference. 

Does this stop people from breaking in? Perhaps not, however, you have a far higher chance of apprehending suspects when you have the following tips in place:

  1. The obvious. Lock your premises. Get seriously good locks.
  2. Advertise the fact you have no cash.
  3. If smashing windows is a problem, invest in incredibly tough windows, and security mesh inside them.
  4. Get a video verified alarm system. They only record when someone is there. Then the police can get to your business incredibly fast (unlike with a normal alarm system).
  5. Get a high quality HD CCTV camera, the type that is best suited to your business.
  6. Advertise the fact that if the thief is reading "this sign", they're on CCTV.
There are of course many other ways to secure your business, however, we do what we do best. Security systems, and CCTV Cameras, and of course, we think that everyone should have them, because they work, and make people's business lives better. 

Get in contact if you want to secure your business better than it's ever been before. 

We do this all day, every day, and we love it!

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