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Full Perimeter Security for Your Home

Did you know our full Perimeter Security Systems can monitor every door and window of your house, including the garage and even the roof cavity? With Perimeter Security, all the doors and windows can be monitored while at the same time keeping the inside disarmed leaving you free to move around the house. This is particularly good for rural properties or two storey homes, especially if you sleep upstairs because you can arm the downstairs perimeter separately.

Whether your away on a holiday or fast asleep our Security Systems can monitor your perimeter with the simple press of a button. Our high quality, Security Systems can also be integrated with a huge range of security system options that make them extremely user friendly.

Back to base 24/7 monitoring can be integrated for faster response times which is particularly good if you are away from home. You may even be able to claim the ongoing monitoring costs through your contents insurance.

Alternatively, self-monitoring integration can send an SMS to two mobile phone numbers giving you the name and location of the censors that have been triggered, activation time and whether the sensors are still detecting an intruder. An interactive voice module can also be added to the system, allowing you to control your alarm from your mobile phone, turn on heating or switch on lighting which can be handy if you want it to look like someone is home. With this Security System, you are also able to change your security PIN number or timing settings remotely and we can even diagnose any fault remotely, saving you on callout fees.

The latest smoke detector sensors can be integrated with your security system too so you can be alerted at the first sign of a fire as well as a burglary in progress. We even have Pet friendly alarm sensors available which are great when you want to leave pets inside while you’re out and about and they won’t activate the alarm.

Extra key pads can be added to any location in your home or garage and the whole system can also be activated from small remote alarm fobs that family members can put on their keyring. And don’t forget our exclusive Three Year System and Installation Warranty.

If you would like more information on Perimeter Security for your home give us a call on 0417 384 787 or go to our contact us page and send us an email.

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