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Fog Cannon Security Systems for Geelong & Melbourne

The latest next level weapon against thieves is the Protect Fog Cannon Security System. It will secure your premises within seconds and make it impossible to steal anything.

Traditional alarm systems can be a great deterrent but even when they are back-to-base or self-monitored systems with CCTV it can still take time for authorities to attend a scene giving thieves a small window of opportunity to get what they want and get away.

With the Protect Fog Cannon Security System a thief “Can’t Steal What They Can’t See”. To stop an un-authorised entry in its tracks the Protect Fog Cannon omits a dense fog which fills the entire area in seconds making it impossible for thieves to see what they came for. It can be activated when your alarm is triggered or via an emergency button. The fog is harmless to humans, leaves no residue and has no effect on any stock from jewellery, clothing, electrical equipment to food products and supermarket goods.

Now we have a new security option that truly protects your investment and gives you more piece of mind after closing time. We think it’s the best fog protection system on the market and we’ve been supplying and installing it for business owners and home owners throughout Geelong and Melbourne with excellent results. Feedback after installation has been phenomenal and the consensus is that thieves are actually avoiding premises with fog cannon security systems installed.

Protect your family your staff and your valuables with or without an alarm system. For more information on the Protect Fog Cannon Security System Contact Us on 0417 384 787.

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