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Perfect Example of Hidden Camera Use

Here's an excellent example of when hidden security cameras are a great idea.
Some youths in Leopold, near Geelong thought it would be a great idea to knock on one elderly couples front door every day for months.
This understandably led the occupants of the house to live in fear, and not want to reside at the home they'd lived in peacefully for years.
Things were going from bad to worse, until one day - they installed a hidden CCTV camera, which captured some grainy images, but that was good enough to use on Facebook, where people shared the content and found out who the instigators were.

Security cameras are our business. We install them every day, and we know what works and what doesn't.

It's extremely satisfying knowing that you can catch people in the act, and have them apprehended relatively easily, in a short amount of time.

Call us today - if you want to know more about our security cameras, because - that's what we're good at!

This article originally appeared in the Geelong Advertiser here.

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