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We’ve found that most people don’t use their alarm system when they are home or occupying a business premises. Often it is a case of ‘false security’ with no early warning to an intruder or security breach somewhere on the premises while you are there.

Recently we’ve been installing more and more alarm systems to premises where intruders have gone into properties while they have been occupied, targeting easy-to-grab valuables like mobile phones, handbags and car keys.

There’s been a spate of these types of crimes where a person returns to a room to find that some of their items are missing and that their car has been stolen. It is extremely brazen and victims say that it is a horrible feeling knowing that someone had targeted them like this and it often leaves them feeling very vulnerable and upset.

After these types of incidents people tend to take their home or business security much more seriously and that’s why we recommend a security system that can combat these issues before they happen. We have security systems that are very user friendly and they are easy to program to your specific requirements.

We can even program your alarm system so that you only have to press one button on your keypad to alarm all your doors and windows, which is perfect for when you are home alone or want that extra piece of mind for the whole family at night.

Our alarm systems are extremely versatile and we can even program them so that other areas like your garage or granny flat etc. can be alarmed and monitored separately. If any doors, windows or motion sensors are triggered your alarm will sound and a notification will be sent to your smart phone or your professional monitoring centre.

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