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Cloud Security Cameras

With the continuous advancement in AI CCTV and cloud security camera technologies there has been some major enhancements in the latest security systems that make them more versatile, effective and affordable.

The combination of cloud security cameras and artificial intelligent (AI) security systems have taken home and business security to the next level and offer some major benefits and cost saving opportunities.

Cloud security cameras have an advantage over traditional security cameras because there is no need for Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s) or Network Video Recorders (NVR’s). By storing data in the cloud the security footage is totally secure and can be accessed from a smart phone or computer anywhere. This keeps the security data from being stollen in the event of a break-in which is often the case with DVR’s or NVR’s kept onsite.

Cloud security cameras are also perfect for solar powered systems located in remote areas or non-powered locations because they can oversee your sites in real-time. AI CCTV camera systems can also be programmed to monitor perimeters and automatically send an alert if there is a security breach.

With the addition of artificial intelligence (AI) some surveillance systems now have the ability to use facial recognition, count people, utilise behaviour analytics, and provide license plate recognition. AI surveillance can also be used to find and identify missing or wanted persons or objects in crowded areas or even enhance customer experience with special offers, services or seamless access. Some AI security systems are even offering biometric solutions such as infrared temperature monitoring and detection of personal protective equipment (including face masks) for the purpose of entry control.

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