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Chinese Security Camera Concerns

With China in the media recently for alleged cyber-attacks on Australia, the Government is advising Australian organisations to patch and update their software and use two-factor authentication to keep confidential information safe. It was stated that the increase in these cyber-attacks and espionage activities could be to extract information related to the COVID 19 epidemic.

This is not the first time China has been implicated in espionage tactics within Australia. In 2018 it was reported that two Chinese surveillance camera companies Hikvision and Dahua were criticized about their security cameras being accessed through the internet for the purpose of espionage. This prompted a government ban on Hikvision and Dahua security cameras being used by Australia’s defence department and other government agencies around Australia.

In another recent story in the Sydney Morning Herald it was reported that the South Australian health department were removing all Chinese built CCTV cameras made by Hikvision due to security concerns.

As cyber espionage becomes more prevalent around the world it is up to us to stay informed on the techniques and technologies used to infiltrated our homes, businesses and government agencies. This way we have the latest tools and information to protect ourselves from these types of threats.

As a verified ASIAL Gold Member (Australian Security Industry Association) Geelong Digital Security have access to the latest industry legislation and information helping to keep us one step ahead of any cyber threats associated with the security industry, cameras and security equipment.

Geelong Security Systems only install high quality EX-SDI CCTV cameras manufactured for Samsung, Panasonic and other reputable brands and have never used or installed the Dahua or Hikvision products even though they are a cheaper option. If you are concerned about your security system or security cameras contact us or give us a call on 0417 384 787.

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