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We absolutely love hearing from our customers with their feedback on our services and the security systems we install. It really helps us improve and constantly evolve our business.

On a recent job in Geelong we were required to upgrade a home Alarm System to include CCTV Security Cameras to record specific areas of the premises. While there the customer explained that they had been hearing a few strange noises from time to time in the middle of the night and were beginning to get concerned that it could be a burglar.

The customer had a young family so we could sympathise with their situation and concerns. They wanted the Security Cameras to be positioned so they could monitor all access points to the property, especially at night, and we also installed cameras in positions so they could monitor the rear, side and front boundaries of the property.

The installation included a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and video monitor which was connected to the Television’s in the lounge room and main bedroom so they could monitor all the cameras from these locations with a click of the TV remote (which we can do in most cases). They were extremely impressed by this and said it made them feel at ease knowing they could see everything going on outside in real time or review the footage at a later date.

Interestingly, it just so happens that their suspicions were correct as it was only a few days after the camera installations that they heard another strange noise in the backyard late at night. When they checked the cameras what they saw shocked them, they could see it was someone trying to gain access to the garage via a side door and then a window. As they watched in disbelief they noticed that the perpetrator was unsuccessful at gaining entry so then climbed over the fence and disappeared into the night.

They called the police to report the incident and let them know what had just happened and that they had captured the whole thing on their new Security Cameras. The police took a report and reviewed the footage, taking a copy of the video for analysis and to investigate the incident further. Then a couple of days later they had a call from a police officer who told them that because of the clear footage captured they were able to make an arrest and retrieve stolen property from different homes in the area.

Our customer was extremely happy with the outcome and the fact that they could assist in the police matter was really satisfying. They also said they were glad they had the Security Cameras installed because it made them feel much more secure in their home and that if there was ever another incident in the future they would be able to act on it immediately and also have a record of it on the DVR.

If you would like a quote for a new Alarm System or you’re thinking of upgrading your current Security System to include Security Cameras at your home or business, please contact Geelong Security Systems for the best security equipment at great prices on 0417 384787.

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