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Best security systems available

With nearly 20 years in the security business we’ve seen many security systems come and go. We only install security systems that stand up to our in- house testing requirements for both residential and commercial applications.

Many brands of security products tested just don’t match the quality or reliability of some of the top brands we like to recommend. This affords us a great relationship with some of the best security system suppliers in Australia and it gives us the advantage of buying in bulk so we can pass savings on to our customers.

Whether your upgrading an older security system or installing a brand new one, we pride ourselves on supplying the best possible security products, at the best possible prices.

We guarantee all our workmanship and the security products we sell have generous warranties for your piece of mind. Our team of highly trained technicians are experts in residential and commercial security systems and also specialise in the latest security cameras available which can be added to your existing security system or included in any new system set up.

A huge benefit of the latest quality security cameras is that the images are crystal clear and can be reviewed from any computer, smart phone or tablet wherever you have internet access. Being able to check and see what’s happening if your security system has been activated can really help with police response times and catching an offender red-handed.

Our security technicians are also highly experienced when it comes to security systems for retail stores with many CCTV configurations. We have recently included the Protect Fog Canon security system in our arsenal of equipment and this has proved extremely popular for retail stores that are in the higher risk category like service stations and convenience stores.

So, if you want the best security system available or your just after a system that can be upgraded over time please contact us on 0417 384 787 and we’ll have a technician take a look at your requirements and recommend the best security system to suit your budget.

best security systems

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