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Apartment Security Alarm Systems

apartment security alarm systems

If you own or rent an apartment or unit it doesn’t mean you can’t have a high-quality security alarm system to help protect your home and your personal belongings from burglary or theft.

It can be difficult to have a hard-wired alarm system installed in an apartment or unit as often there is no roof cavity to run wires to motion sensors or security cameras, and landlords may not allow the drilling of holes in the walls or ceilings for a traditional security system installation.

The best option is to use the latest wireless security alarm system technology, perfectly designed for apartments and units that helps secure the perimeter as well as your home and contents. Our wireless Apartment Security Alarm Systems are high quality with the latest features and can be self-monitoring or can call “back to base” via our Australian Standards Victoria Police approved 24hr monitoring station. These systems are also transportable so you can take them with if you move or relocate.

We also have a huge range of high-quality video cameras that can be added to our wireless security systems for that extra peace of mind. Being able to capture video evidence and notify authorities of an intruder can not only increase response times to an incident, but a monitored alarm system will often reduce your contents insurance costs significantly.

All our wireless Apartment Security Alarm Systems come with keypads, sirens and door contacts so they are not only fast to install but also very cost effective. Another great feature is the ability to remotely program your system, where you can add or change your security PIN number, or change the timing settings if needed. We can even remotely diagnose a fault instead of being charged a call out fee to do this onsite.

Statistics suggest that a property with a security alarm system is less likely to be burgled than a property without an alarm system. Geelong Digital Security is fully licenced and insured, we are members of the Australian Security Industry Association and our Private Security Business Registration number is 945-212-90S.

If you would like more information on our high-quality wireless Apartment Security Alarm Systems or video surveillance cameras for your apartment or unit give us a call on 0417 384 787 or email us with your enquiry.

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