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AI CCTV Security System

Over the past few months, we’ve been testing the latest Umbo AI CCTV Security Cameras in conjunction with TruePlatform software and have been super impressed with the results.

This security system uses AI, artificial intelligence technology to recognise the human form rather than just record everything the camera sees. When the human form is recognised in a place that it should not be an alert is triggered, the data is recorded and sent to the cloud as well as an onboard SD card (optional). This technology stops the need for transmitting large amounts of video data, instead only transmitting what is needed reducing cost and the amount of bandwidth required.

In the field we found the Umbo AiBullet and the Umbo AiDome cameras are both designed and built to a high standard. When combined with Umbo's Light AI technology and TruePlatform video management software we were able to detect security events with a much higher degree of accuracy and less false alarms.

This new security format stops the need for network video recording (NVRs) or digital video recording (DVRs) devices and the need for multiple video monitors. This makes this new AI CCTV security system a more cost-effective alternative and could potentially make many other security systems obsolete.

Umbo’s AI-powered security system identifies and then notifies you with a real-time alert of security threats in time for the authorities to catch intruders onsite. Using this technology, it is quite possible to stop a break-in before it occurs saving you from property damage, stollen goods and higher insurance premiums.

We always test the latest security equipment on the market but we’re not often as impressed as we are with the accuracy of this AI security system. The Umbo AI CCTV security system is easy to set up, you can manage all events, cameras and users from one place, with one login and the Umbo TruePlatform software is very user friendly.

AI CCTV is a game-changer!

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