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Add Video Surveillance to your Security System

With traditional Alarm Systems it can take a long time to verify the presence of an intruder before the police are alerted and dispatched to the location. Video Surveillance Alarm Systems in comparison, better protect your property as they record a short video clip that can be reviewed when an Alarm has been triggered. You can also filter-out any false alarms easily so this ensures Police are only notified of actual crimes taking place, which means much faster response times.

Our revolutionary iAlarm system can be used to upgrade all major security alarm brands, it is a completely wireless, stand-alone system with keypads, sirens and door contacts so it is not only fast to install but also very cost-effective. You can also expand your security perimeter easily with wireless sensors in garages, sheds or storage rooms and you can keep existing keypads and codes to reduce disruption to employees or family.

iAlarm is an all-in-one security system and is perfect for a large range of industries and applications from residential homes, businesses, construction sites to office rooftops, shopping precincts, restaurant surveillance etc.

The iAlarm can also be integrated with your smartphone, laptop or desktop computer so you are able to monitor and control your security system and view videos or photos remotely whenever you need to.

iAlarm will give you that extra level of security!

If you would like more information on our iAlarm Video Surveillance Systems email us or give us a call on 0417 384 787 for an obligation free quote.

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