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With the evolution of today’s smart phones and the increased use of social media it has become easier to find out what’s going on in our local area. I know when something happens in Geelong it’s not long before someone is posting about it on Facebook or it’s popping up in my news feed. This can be very handy especially when it's information about how to avoid heavy traffic, extreme weather conditions or public safety messages.

We now live in an era where sharing this kind of information is almost in real-time. Being able to check the weather or road conditions before we leave home can be a real benefit but Social Media has also become somewhere you can have your say.

We are now able to comment on local issues or put a message out to our community through social media pages like Eyewatch which is run by Victoria Police Eyewatch is a great resource to keep on top of what’s going on in the Geelong area and they are also running a local initiative called “Coffee with a cop” which provides an opportunity for community members to meet with local Police Officers for a chat and a coffee.

Another great resource to check in on from time to time is the Victorian Crime Stoppers site This has valuable information on current issues, scams and crimes committed in our local area, and you may even be able to assist to help solve a crime.

Crime Stoppers is a not-for-profit organisation and they really do a great job for our community. If you would like to donate to Crime Stoppers visit

If we band together and utilise resources like these we can help to make Geelong a safer place for all our friends and family.

In the meantime, if you are concerned about your home security or how to better protect your family or business, contact us on 0417 384 787 for a free quote on the latest security systems and CCTV available.

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