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Government ban on Hikvision and Dahua

Security cameras made by Chinese surveillance companies are being banned around the world. Allegations are that certain cameras can be accessed through the internet by the Chinese for the purpose of espionage. With so many of these cameras installed throughout the world even in high security environments, the American Government has banned the use of Dahua and Hikvision cameras and is in the process of replacing them.

The US House of Representatives have even passed a bill that includes a ban on the US Government using surveillance equipment made by Dahua and Hikvision.

An Australian National TV investigation on Chinese video surveillance has put a spotlight on Hikvision, including a promise from Australia's defence department to remove all other identified Hikvision cameras across Australia's military. The ABC News also ran a story on the use of these surveillance cameras being used in Australia.

View the full ABC Report on Chinese video surveillance networks used by the Australian Government.

ABC 7:30 Report

Geelong Security Systems only install high quality EX-SDI CCTV cameras manufactured for Samsung, Panasonic and other reputable brands and have never used or installed the Dahua or Hikvision products even though they are a cheaper option. Many of our competitors use these brands so it is important that you check to ensure your surveillance system is secure and if not please contact us to find out how we can replace your unit with a high-end, non-chinese brand.

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