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Axis HD CCTV Cameras

Axis CCTV cameras are the next revolution in security camera technology.

With a minimum of HD resolution, they are the future of CCTV.

They allow a host of features not available on other systems, including:

  • Compact & Wireless
  • Intruder alarm capabilities – activates on movement detection
  • Power over Ethernet
  • I/O Ports
  • Sends video to your phone or tablet
  • Sends alerts on activation to your phone or tablet
  • Control the camera from your phone or tablet
  • Record to SD card
  • Attach to Network Attached Storage (NAS) if required
  • Up to 16 cameras with a single licence fee
  • SIMPLE software to use!

This system is perfect for small and medium businesses that want exceptional quality CCTV footage, and as your needs grow – the camera system can expand with you.

Typically, CCTV cameras require you to have a Hard Drive to record to, and they’re running all the time.

Not with Axis CCTV cameras!

You can record directly to a small SD card (like the one in most digital cameras) that will give you up to 64GB of storage (enough for approximately a month of data).

Combine this with the ability to easily add devices, (up to 16) all without adding extra camera licenses (as you have to with most other systems), and you get an affordable system that you can expand over time without being hit in the back pocket over and over again. Start with one or two devices, record to SD card. As your needs increase, add a camera. Add a NAS (Network attached storage) for additional footage storing later if you want.

Get the best of both worlds – in combing both an alarm system AND and CCTV camera system – all in a tiny, robust package.

An Example of How Clear The Footage Is: (From the LOWEST quality Axis camera!!)

Unparalleled CCTV Image Quality.

The above image is less than 1/5th of the potential quality that these cameras are capable of!!

If you want more information, call us today on 0417 384 787 or contact us here. It’s quite simply amazing what these cameras can do.

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