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Home Security Systems

We supply home security systems for all types of situations, from the smallest residential unit to the largest apartment blocks and homes.

After having been in the alarm installation business for over 20 years - we know what it takes to provide you and your property with the most comprehensive security set-up.

We provide excellent customer service for our clients and we only use high quality components to give you that extra peace of mind.

All of our products are backed by full factory warranties, which also provides you with a form of guarantee that our products will work for you, or we replace them free of charge.

Choose from our range of security alarm packages - and feel free to call us anytime to discuss what you're looking for and require.

Home Security System Options

holiday home security systems
If you’re wanting to secure your property investment in the most simple and cost effective way, you should look at our Holiday Home Security Package is perfect with only 3 sensors. More Info..
ialarm video surveillance
iAlarm is the best alarm system in the world. Why? Because it does what no other alarm system can do - and that's video verify intruders on your premises. This information allows prompt police response. More Info..
large home security systems
If you’re wanting to secure a larger house or perhaps a holiday home in one of the most comprehensive ways, you should look at our “medium” home security system. This package comes with.. More Info..
small home security systems
If you want to secure a single story home in the most cost effective way, look at our basic home security package - it enables you to monitor three areas – for example the lounge, the master.. More Info..
wireless security cameras
If you’re wanting to secure your double story home or in a home where cables cannot be installed, you need to take a look at our Wireless Security System. This package comes with three wirelesss.. More Info..

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