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Alarm Systems for Home & Business

From the most basic home security systems to the more elaborate business security systems, we can get your premises secured, fast.

We've been installing alarm systems for over 20 years - and have seen the industry and technology change an enormous amount in that time.

But there is one thing that remains constant: There Are Still Burglars Out There.

It's our job to help secure your premises with the best possible alarm system to suit your requirements, while being the most cost effective way to do so.

The Most Effective Alarms For Home & Business

Without doubt, the single best alarm system you can get is "iAlarm" it is the only system that gives video verification of an intruder on your premises. It's also the only system that will get a police response, virtually immediately.

Without video verification of an intruder on your premises, the chance of you getting a police response is effectively ZERO. This is changed COMPLETELY when we install the iAlarm security system.

ialarm video surveillance
iAlarm is the best alarm system in the world. Why? Because it does what no other alarm system can do - and that's video verify intruders on your premises. This information allows prompt police response. More Info..

Home Alarm Systems

We supply a number of quality home alarm systems for residential applications - the choice of which depends on your situation, house size and layout. From a basic home alarm system to wireless home secuirty systems we can secure your property for a great price.

small home security systems
If you want to secure a single story home in the most cost effective way, look at our basic home security package - it enables you to monitor three areas – for example the lounge, the master.. More Info..
large home security systems
If you’re wanting to secure a larger house or perhaps a holiday home in one of the most comprehensive ways, you should look at our “medium” home security system. This package comes with.. More Info..
wireless security cameras
If you’re wanting to secure your double story home or in a home where cables cannot be installed, you need to take a look at our Wireless Security System. This package comes with three wirelesss.. More Info..

Business Alarm Systems

Our business alarms are categorised into factory alarms/warehouse alarms, and retail/office business security systems. Depending on your business size, and number of potential users and location, we have the best security alarm systems to suit your business at great prices.

business security systems
If you’re wanting to secure your small to medium sized office or retail outlet, our retail security or small business alarm starter package. This system can have a maximum of 16 detection devices.. More Info..
factory alarms warehouse alarms
If you’re wanting to secure your factory or warehouse our business security package comes with 16 sensors, so you can monitor 16 areas – for example the office, the entrance, the staffroom and stock. More Info..

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