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AI CCTV Security Cameras

AI CCTV Security Cameras

AI CCTV Security Cameras

Umbo is a ground breaking AI-powered CCTV security system that identifies and notifies you of security threats in time for the authorities to catch intruders onsite. It is a complete autonomous video security system with accurate human alerts regardless of weather and daylight conditions.

Umbo's powerful artificial inteligence service works natively together with Umbo’s AI CCTV Cameras and TruePlatform software to deliver accurate alerts to users when it detects human events.

Umbo AI Security Cameras & Cloud Storage

If you’re using a CCTV security system, chances are, it relies on either motion or photoelectric sensors, both traditional detection methods to keep intruders off your property and away from those you care about.

Traditional CCTV security systems may produce numerous false alarms, and can be difficult or troublesome to use.

Umbo customers have reported a 95% decrease in false alerts after adopting Light AI human detection technologhy and with the Cloud Storage abilities the need for onsite digital video recording devices is not neccessary.

Why should you adopt AI CCTV security cameras into your workflow?

1. Umbo’s AI based video security is less expensive

With Umbo’s hybrid cloud AI CCTV solution, you won’t be required to pay expensive fixed costs for new sets of hardware, especially when scaling up operations. This eliminates the costs of purchasing PIR’s, cameras, or NVR’s when you’re cobbling together your CCTV security system.

The ongoing costs for a subscription service, like Umbo Light, are lower than those of on-premises hardware-based systems.

With Umbo’s video security solution, you only pay for the AI service’s low monthly fee and any cameras you buy, which is less expensive in the long run.

2. Umbo’s AI based video security is accurate

When you’re monitoring a property that is remote or far away, it’s imperative that your video security system delivers accurate alerts to you.

Not only will accurate alerts eliminate wasted manpower by sending security out there, but with video added to the equation, it greatly simplifies the process for checking on threats.

Umbo’s industry-leading accuracy in human event detection results in alerts customers and alarm monitoring centres (AMC) can rely on, enhancing their security’s efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Umbo’s AI based video security is easy to adopt

Instead of other solutions, which require complicated setups onsite, Umbo’s system is plug and play, designed to be set up in an afternoon.

Umbo cameras are plug and play, since they use power over ethernet (POE). And, their intuitive software runs in your browser or is just an app download away.

In addition, any future updates are handled by Umbo at no extra cost with no additional installs required.

Why should you upgrade to AI CCTV based video security?

  • Traditional systems can result in numerous false alarms, rendering them ineffective
  • Motion and PIR sensors are simple, but not precise enough to rule out false alarms
  • AI based video security is, less expensive, more accurate and easier to adapt
  • This makes AI based video security a valuable investment for you and your enterprise

Umbo AiBullet Security Camera

Day and night perimeter protection. Designed for Construction sites, Farm fences, Car yards, Homes, Land fill or Recycling centres & Remote Locations etc.

Rugged and intimidating, the AiBullet offers maximum perimeter protection. By extending Light to the edge, AiBullet offers greater event detection range while saving on bandwidth. Use AI Bullet to monitor homes, businesses, parking lots, fences and other wide-open areas for human intruders.

ai cctv security camera

See how Umbo has been used by Crema Constructions:

With Umbo AiBullet Security Cameras you get the benefits of -

  • More coverage – Less bandwidth
  • 150 feet event detection distance
  • Get Super IR to extend night time detection to 150 feet.
  • Get Torchlight to further deter intruders.
  • Save bandwidth.
  • Data is only transmitted when Light determines that there is an event.

Umbo AiDome Security Camera

A delight from unboxing to streaming. Designed for Offices, Schools, Homes, Shops & Retail outlets etc.

No NVRs or DVRs required, the AiDome security camera is a breeze to install and configure. The AiDome camera is designed for schools, offices, retail stores, and other organizations looking for convenient all-in-one CCTV solutions. AiDome works seamlessly with Light AI and TruePlatform for event detection, alert handling, and easy video management.


See how Umbo has been used in the Aboriginal Culture Centre:

With Umbo AiDome Security Cameras you get the benefits of -

  • More coverage – Less bandwidth
  • Greater daytime coverage.
  • 150 feet and 110 degrees event detection range in well-lit environments.
  • Save bandwidth.
  • Data is only transmitted when Light determines that there is an event.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Video Security System

Video security uses video to detect threats, usually through motion, object or heat detection and alerts you when they appear within a specific area, whereas video surveillance passively monitors an area so video can be reviewed at a later time to see what has happened. While the advantages of having proactive video security are already great, if you are looking to make your security team’s job easier and even more efficient, go a step further and adopt a cloud based AI CCTV video security system.

An AI CCTV cloud-based video security system identifies intruders but sends, securely stores and analyses data in the cloud. Since the data is kept of-site, if an intruder breaks in and steals your security hardware, the footage isn’t gone, you can access previously recorded video via the cloud - online.

Traditional CCTV systems keep security data confined to onsite hardware like network video recorders (NVRs) or digital video recorders (DVRs). For these traditional systems to be completely secure, this hardware is often kept off-premises, making footage inaccessible.

Cloud-based AI CCTV video security systems allow you to view and manage video data via a desktop computer or mobile device where you can easily review footage or set up new functions replacing banks of video monitors associated with traditional video security systems.

ai cctv security cameras

Solar Powered Security Cameras

Umbo is the perfect security system for battery operated or stand alone Solar Powered Security Cameras used in remote areas or non-powered locations. Backing up to the cloud means that security footage is totally secure and can be accessed from a smart phone or computer anywhere.

With this Cloud Based technology there’s no need for onsite digital video recording devices or monitors to review the camera footage just login to the cloud to view the data.

The Umbo TruePlatform allows you to access and manage multiple cameras across unlimited locations through a single web login.

Umbo Light AI technology is a powerful artificial intelligence service that works natively together with Umbo’s AI Cameras and TruePlatform software to deliver accurate alerts to uses when it detects human events.

Umbo AI Cameras are beautifully-engineered hybrid cloud security cameras with the built-in Light AI technology specially created by Umbo – No NVRs or DVRs required.

solar powered security cameras

For more information on AI CCTV the Umbo AI Security System, Umbo AI Security Cameras or stand alone Solar Powered Security Cameras Contact us on 0417 384 787. We’ve been testing the Umbo AI CCTV security cameras and the TruePlatform software and we are very impressed with the quality and accuracy of this AI Security System.

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