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ai cctv security cameras
Umbo is a ground breaking AI-powered CCTV security system that identifies and notifies you of accurate human alerts regardless of weather and daylight conditions, in time for the authorities to catch intruders onsite. More Info..
ialarm video surveillance
iAlarm is the best alarm system in the world. Why? Because it does what no other alarm system can do - and that's video verify intruders on your premises. This information allows prompt police response. More Info..
Alarm Systems
We have installed thousands of alarm systems for all types of homes and businesses. Our systems are quality, and have a long warranty. From wireless to video alarm systems - you're covered. More Info..

Security Cameras & Security Systems

Security Cameras & Security Systems from Geelong Digital Security makes it easy to secure your property.

As a leading security company with over 20 years experience, you'll find our service efficient, reliable, and cost-effective for all types of home or business alarm systems and security/CCTV cameras.

We're based in Geelong, making it easy for us to serve a wide range of areas from Geelong to Melbourne the Bellarine Peninsula, the Surf Coast, Ballarat, and Warnambool.

Our long term partnerships with the highest quality security alarm and CCTV manufacturers give us a distinct advantage, which can then be illustrated to you and applied to your security needs.

Unlike some security companies, we don't parallel import products that don't have manufacturer backing, or decent warranties. Why trust a security system that isn't 100% proven in multiple situations?

Your personal and property security is the most important thing to us, so it makes sense to invest in equipment that works tirelessly 24/7 to give you absolute peace of mind.

Geelong Digital Security supplies products that are specially designed and manufactured for the security situation you require, wether it be for large or small home security systems, wireless security cameras systems or video surveillance systems.

Home Security Systems

Most people don't know what they actually need when it comes to home security systems or residential security. We have so many alarm system and CCTV camera options which enables us to present you with multiple ways for you to protect your house, assets & valuables.

If you've got a small house, you don't need a large home security system. If you've got a double or two story house, your security needs will be different to that of a single level dwelling.

The same goes for rural homes or homes on larger blocks of land. Your security needs can vary greatly.

This is the reason we personally inspect your property, and provide an accurate assessment on the best ways to secure it. You'll find that we are meticulous with our alarm system installations. It's our business.

AI CCTV Cameras

We now have ground breaking AI CCTV Cameras that identify and notify you of security threats in real time allowing authorities to catch intruders onsite. These AI CCTV Cameras are cloud based autonomous video security systems have accurate human detection alerts regardless of weather conditions and have less false alarms.

CCTV Cameras & Business Security Systems

We are trusted by many small and large businesses and can supply business security systems or security cameras for any industry you need it for, be it construction, manufacturing, retail, agriculture, transport or food industries.

Too many businesses operate without proper security systems or cameras installed - they literally "pay for themselves" by protecting you from many every-day security situations.

Got a problem with staff or customer theft? Install our tiny, micro high definition IP Cameras, that are virtually undetectable. You'll solve the problem in an instant, reduce your stock shrinkage and potentially save yourself thousands of dollars over time.

The clarity of our Network IP cameras is so high, you have to see them to believe it. Older "analogue" cameras are widely recommended and have been used for years, however, CCTV technology has improved so much that you can get 10 times better clarity with our HD security camera solutions.

You can help protect your business against false injury claims - by installing CCTV cameras to monitor areas that are potentially hazardous.

Security System Guarantees

Just like any business guarantees their workmanship or the products they sell, so do we, with our generous guarantees and warranties.

Put simply, if we install your system, it will not only work well, it will last well. If it doesn't, we will fix it fast.

Visit the about us section of this website for more information about our company or its history.

Contact Us via our web form or to speak with us. We're more than happy to have an informal chat!

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