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Benefits of iAlarm

Geelong Security iAlarm

iAlarm boasts over 500,000 alarm installations around the globe, reaching over 58 countries and is revolutionising the security industry.

iAlarm Benefits for Property Owners

The iAlarm is a completely wireless, stand-alone system with keypads, sirens and door contacts so it is not only fast to install but also very cost-effective. It can be used as an all-in-one security system or as an upgrade to video monitoring for your existing alarm system, allowing you to take advantage of faster Police response times.

  • As iAlarm is wireless, sensors can be installed into almost any location.
  • A burglary can be verified by video in real-time, notifying police faster.
  • Faster Police response times ensures less time that thieves are able to inflict injury, steal items or damage your property.
  • Insurance claims are reduced when response times are faster - less time, less damage.
  • As iAlarms are wireless, they are more reliable as they cannot be easily disabled by cutting wires.
  • Even if the MotionViewer is removed from the system, the iAlarm will continue to transmit video to the police.

iAlarm Benefits for the Insurance Industry

With the increasing number of false alarms that Police receive, traditional alarm response has become a lower priority for Police. But with the iAlarm video alarm and it's ability to more easily catch a crime in-progress, Police prioritize these notifications and respond faster as there is a greater chance of arrest. This not only helps Police but also to reduce insurance claims.

  • When an arrest is made by Police, insurance companies save on direct claims and processing costs.
  • The iAlarm reduces property crime and deters it with every 1 arrest preventing up to 30 other burglaries.
  • iAlarm helps stop copper theft and the property damage that is often associated with this type of crime, lowering claims and increased premiums.

Statistics suggest that a property with a security alarm system is less likely to be burgled than a property without an alarm system and if you have a monitored alarm system, you should be entitled to a discount on your contents insurance.

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