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In March this year the Geelong Advertiser ran an article on Geelong crime statistics showing that crime was up more than 10% with a rise in burglaries, arson and weapons offences. It also stated that burglary was up 21.5%, drug offences up 31.5% even homicide was up 60%.

Clearly our law enforcement agencies have their hands full when it comes to dealing with criminals in Geelong and they should be commended on their efforts. Unfortunately, there is always been a criminal minority taking advantage of others so now more than ever it pays to be vigilant when it comes to personal safety. Whether you’re at home, work or out in public there are things we can all do to keep safe, like phoning authorities if you see suspicious activities and being more aware of our surroundings.

These last six months have been some of our busiest on record with the amount of new security alarm systems and Protect Fog Cannon installations in the Geelong area and we can’t help but think this is a direct result of the current crime stats for the area.

Our customers say the main reasons for having a security system installed or upgraded is to minimise risk, to feel more secure and to act as a deterrent. These are all great reasons and the one that seems to make the most impact is as a deterrent; criminals will more likely select a premises that doesn’t have a security system.

If you are considering a security system for your home or business we can help, with almost 20 years’ industry experience we can recommend the most cost effective security system to suit your requirements. Contact Us or phone 0417 384 787.

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